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This is a sourcing service example:
Customer’s request:
William —
We have a buyer who is interested 2,300 in a 1/Color on White (black Case) with faux pouch in poly bag. Need delivery by 12/20 FOB Los Angels via FEDEX. The supplier must have the USFDA ASSENTION # for importing LASER into USA. Please advise and I need them to show us the certificate for showing this (I thought you have required this certificate before, right ?)
Our service:
Yes,this factory has the USFDA ASSENTION # for importing LASER into USA.
But they will show this until we place the order to them.They assured
that all certificates are under their own company name.I am waiting their updated quote for this 2300pcs.Will show you in
this afternoon.Thank you!Best Regards,

thank you and is this picture from the factory ? Would like to have their
quote for minimum pieces to 50,000 pcs and would like to have 20 pcs of the
samples ?
Besides promo items, we also help our customers to source high-quality items in China.
Below is an example of our feedback when we received our customer’s payment well. We send back the confirmation email immediately –
Well received your payment with thanks!
We will send you the FedEx parcel in these 2 days.
Please send us your detailed address and phone number for our FedEx waybill mark.