Hire the Amazon platform employee

Job description:

1. Familiar with the Amazon platform, responsible for industry and Amazon market research and analysis according to the division of Amazon product categories, and looking for the hot-selling products in line with the company’s positioning.

2. Conduct product market research, collect relevant market channels and product information, organize and analyze user needs, and regularly analyze data of own products, industries, and competing products.

3. Responsible for tracking, searching, analyzing, summarizing, inspecting, and evaluating the information of new products, controlling product quality, accounting cost, looking for suppliers to purchase, controlling the quality risk of new products, and ensuring that the products have market potential and stable quality.

4. Supplier development, negotiation, coordination, and service support.

Job Requirements:

1. Fluent English

2. At least 1 year of experience in boutique development on Amazon platform, familiar with B2C market, policies and regulations on Amazon platform, familiar with product development skills on Amazon platform, and able to use third-party software tools for analysis.

3, Successful hot style product development experience is preferred, with stable quality supplier resources is preferred.

4. Strong market sensitivity and insight, familiar with consumer behavior in the market, and have certain cognition and understanding of products and market positioning.

5. Have the ability to execute multiple tasks in parallel, strong driving force, the courage to express and good at communication, and can work under strong pressure.

6. Excellent learning ability, communication, and coordination ability, good sense of innovation and team cooperation, optimistic and enterprising, with passion for struggle.

7. Strong business negotiation skills