China sourcing – promotional products bag

We know the process of manufacturing the promotional product – bag:


Cut the label * 2

The car label

The car zips

Punching bag inside cover

In his pockets

Turn in his pockets

Stick inside the bag to fill the triangle

The middle and inner bag circle is reversed

Ironing bag zipper *2

Inner bag before and after burial *2

Before and after the ride inside the bag side paste *4

The middle of the pasting picture on the side of the inner bag is *4

Front and rear chain adhesive material is inverted *2

Zip the bag in the car

In the bag chain paste inside the two car reverse *4

Buried in the bag put the mark

The bottom of the barge at both ends

The middle chain is attached and enclosed

Rear panel false line plus positioning *2

Back strip threading needle buckle meson thread *2

Add position *2 to the side line of the front strip car

Front pocket car zipper

Sealing front bag hanging bag

Carpion sideline *2

Barge meson * 2

The front bag apron is reversed

Buried bag before

Both sides of the front and rear panels are inversely *4

Buried bag

Turn over the bag

The front material takes the front bag

Press open line *2 on both sides of front width and bag

Driver’s collar line *4

Charter car hand pull *2

Shoulder side line

With inside pockets * 3

Sleeve front and back pocket clip zipper *2

Inside the bag picture

Hand cut line *2

The finished cut line

Bag before painting

Front small enclosure inverted *1

Bottom round draw

Meson * 2

Finished needle piercing buckle *2

Finished bag brush drawing position

Total computer Room

* 2 car chain end

Shoulder strap piercing hook buckle car double line *2

Shoulder strap through pull core buckle car double line

Wear shoulder straps

Cutline shoulder straps

Rear car buckle *2

Front bag car buckle *2

Car brand * 4

Side plate ear-piercing bonding *2

Side plate Side strap lug (forked line) *2

Shoulder strap through pull core buckle *1

Cut handle line *4

Bag before painting