sport-themed marketing campaign -use magic folding cube

Magic Cube is a good promo item to run a sport-themed marketing campaign.

It has 9 panels for printing. One panel for the map of the running circle.  You can ask the Fiverr gigs to draw a cartoon version.

There are still 8 panels on this promotional product.

Some helpful information like this may be printed and impressed by the promotional merchandise receivers. For example:


When you reach the finish line, don’t stop immediately. Walk slowly for a while and then stretch to relax.


Remember, it is recommended to stretch properly enough to relax tense muscles after running.


Do not massage immediately after running. Massage should be done two hours after exercise or before bed.


After the race, be sure to wait for the sweat on the surface of the body to dry naturally and the heart rate is normal before taking a hot bath. Cold bath is not recommended. Don’t shower right after exercise.


It is also necessary to adjust and relax training in the week after the race. It is recommended to take rest and light exercise in this week. Don’t run too much or too fast, do more stretching and gradually relax.



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