shipping promotional products to USA


We ship out one lapel pin cargo today via FedEx to our USA TAXAS client. The cargo weight is 43.5 kgs and the FedEx door-to-door cost is USD 326 only.

This shipping cost is lower than what FedEx quoted on last week.

We always check the best shipping cost of promotional merchandise for our customers,to help you save money and make more profit!


Can you help to ship FBA cargo to AMAZON warehouse?

-Yes,some merchandise customers are also working on their Amazon business. We help to source and pack their cargo,paste the FBA label and arrange the shipment to FBA warehouse.


Can you ship branded merchandise to Norway?

-Yes,sure we can. The current shipping turnaround time (door-to-door) to Norway is 7 days via UPS.


How to choose a reliable supplier like AMJOY

How to choose a reliable supplier? As BUYER DAN H from CHILLI PROMOTION said, it would be best if suppliers provide enough details at the initial stage of quotation like AMJOY.

Specifically, our clients want these details,when they are looking for the good supplier and sourcing partner:

With rich experience for many years, he is familiar with the structure and material of the product, and if it has printing, he knows how to match it. For example, if a customer is looking for printing with a reflective effect, the supplier will tell you that the materials and machinery required to achieve this effect are different from ordinary printing.

It is best to have cooperated with famous brands.

Proofing is available, either for a fee or for free. Usually, simple prototypes are free, and more formal samples need to be charged.

For shipping, suppliers have a good understanding of the logistics process and key nodes. Some customers need to provide door-to-door dropshipping service, this supplier can provide such a solution.

For shipping costs, it is best if suppliers can offer competitive prices, which proves that they often ship abroad.

Packaging Details: There are many options available.

Sourcing partner Amjoy can help you. Amjoy has its own factory!

Contact us today and our team will be your long-term partner for sourcing in CHINA.

sport-themed marketing campaign -use magic folding cube

Magic Cube is a good promo item to run a sport-themed marketing campaign.

It has 9 panels for printing. One panel for the map of the running circle.  You can ask the Fiverr gigs to draw a cartoon version.

There are still 8 panels on this promotional product.

Some helpful information like this may be printed and impressed by the promotional merchandise receivers. For example:


When you reach the finish line, don’t stop immediately. Walk slowly for a while and then stretch to relax.


Remember, it is recommended to stretch properly enough to relax tense muscles after running.


Do not massage immediately after running. Massage should be done two hours after exercise or before bed.


After the race, be sure to wait for the sweat on the surface of the body to dry naturally and the heart rate is normal before taking a hot bath. Cold bath is not recommended. Don’t shower right after exercise.


It is also necessary to adjust and relax training in the week after the race. It is recommended to take rest and light exercise in this week. Don’t run too much or too fast, do more stretching and gradually relax.



Collapsible folding GIFT box Amazon supplier

Wanting to be able to ship the cargo in a flat to save the shipping cost for the 3D item? I found this foldable design excellent.

Are you looking for your long-term factory partner on the Collapsible folding gift box?

Contact us as the 5-star rating supplier for Amazon vendors. The real positive reviews are the real award to our production and packing.

Some customers love the white and black colors because they are selling to the wedding gift market and birthday gift market.

Some customers placed their CMYK plus gold-foil orders, these are for the retail market.

We also have the collapsible wine box which is for the wine market. Cheers!

The product weight is 490 gsm per unit.

Contact us today, please email



the high end puzzle cube

The puzzle cube:

The internal parts of the third-order puzzle Cube for real competition boldly adopt a streamlined design, which makes the puzzle cube produce super reverse fault tolerance, and the foot track circle is very small, which greatly reduces the resistance during rotation, and also avoids the flying edge accident of the Rubik’s Cube in rapid rotation.

Printing golden and silver color on promotional products paper

If the color of CMYK is printed on coated paper for promotional gifts, 350DPI, with Heidelberg machines, the printing is completed at an interval of 6 hours, and the matte lamination process can be carried out. However, if the printing is a large area of gold or silver ink, special attention is required, and it must be placed for about 3 days, and the printed ink will dry, that is, the lamination process can be carried out after 3 days. Our standardized quality control process provides professional and high-quality services to buyers of promotional gifts around the world.

Promotional merchandise Magic Cube Website:


FSC certificated promotional products

Now we are helping customers to print promotional gifts with FSC trademark, as shown in the attached drawing:


Certificate No.


Image name: Attached PDF

FSC Statement: The material used in this product is FSC MIX CREDIT, so it is labeled as FSC Mix.


We apply FSC label for their products, the information as below,

Label for the product: Packaging(Paper box) Label for the product: Packaging(Paper box)

Label size: 11.8 x 18.3mm

Sales to: USA and UK