Reward Points for your promotional products purchase

Over 200 buyers worldwide choose Amjoy as promotional product suppliers. Most of them are PPAI / ASI / PSI / APPA /BPMA members.
We really appreaciate your support and efforts on orders to Amjoy.

Besides our high quality production and on time delivery as always,we offer reward points program to all promotional merchandise companies worldwide.
For all your purchase orders,our rewards rate is 1 point per 100 USD dollar. If your annual purchase is USD 20,000 per year,your company will receive 200 points as reward.
All points can be rewarded as the equivalent amount Amazon gift card or other gift cards in your country.













Promotional products – shipping cost

Shipping cost is an important part of cost calculation.

To help our USB customers save the shipping cost and get more profit,we are always to cooperate with DHL /FedEx to deliver promotional products door-to-door.

Below is the shipping cost of promo items for PPAI and ASI members reference. If you need the shipping cost for delivery to Europe,please check on this page.

The DHL cost of  21kgs promotional USB cables,from China to USA via DHL 5-day door-to-door service, is circa USD 135.00.

iPhone XR

Dear Customer,

Our promotional USB cables are compatitable with the brand new iphone XR.

With the imprinted logo,they are good promotional products for your market!

MOQ from 100 pieces only,door to door delivery service,and our always high quality control are 3 features to help you win more orders and get more profits in promotional merchandise market!!

New promotional product – upgraded charger cable

Good news! We just release the upgraded version of 2-in-1 charge cable. In one cable,you can use it for iphone/ipad/Android phones/Android pads,for power charge and data transfer purpose.

This new promotional product has a dome logo position instead of the old silk-screen printing,which can offer longer-lasting & customized logo in front of your target customers. The 4-c process printing is available for more complicated logo.

Contact us today,please send email to . Let’s win more orders together!

Puzzle Cube Promotional Merchandise

Hi,we offer high quality customized puzzle cubes and have special offer for you-

If you entire promotional MAGIC CUBE products order reaches USD 70000 in 2018,we will send you one Iphone X and one Amazon Echo and one Amazon Kindle,3 gifts totally for you!