Customized keyring established factory direct sourcing

Welcome! has been on business since 2003,yes! It has been 20 years for supply high quality promo items to worldwide clients.

Customized keyring established factory direct sourcing

MOQ from 100 pieces. Door-to-door delivery.


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Buy custom USB cable direct from China factory

This communication is from one of our long term buyers. Thanks for the support and trust our professional service!


We are going to place an order with you for 5k  USB type-c cables as promotional products for our client’s tradeshow.


Can you confirm the weight and dimensions per carton of these as we need to send them on to France once we receive them in the UK.


The client has also asked if they can get the artwork attached either added as a sticker to the polybag or as a card inserted in to the poly bag (for this option the bag would need to be clear both sides).


Can you advise which is the most cost effective option for us and the cost. Also we want these sent out before Chinese New Year so please let me know the latest you would need the artwork for the sticker/card.


We will send you the order and artwork for the customized USB cable today.


Many thanks


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promotional products September of 2023

The price of flash memory chips has increased recently. This makes the price of promotional USB flash drives for promotional products move upward. Of course, the proportion of USB STICKS in the procurement of member companies of ASI and PPAI has changed from super large quantities in 5 years to ordinary order quantities. But our 20 years of USB memory stick manufacturing experience and the trust of customers with more than 1 million products give us more confidence to serve all promotional gift customers and help business gift customers create more excellent quality orders.


Sales of wireless chargers have been growing.


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Promotional products packing

This is about the backing card…and embossing with ink refill on the back of the keyring…
Type for Back :  debossed and ink filled with Black
CARD : A5 print, fold down to A6
Please  double check if the artwork size at 100%, otherwise please resize – so we print A5, fold to A6 
Will you send through artwork approvals please ? 

Make money on Amazon (sourcing service)

Make money on Amazon:


Work on some customized item,which is unique on the market:

After research, the current IC cannot achieve this effect. If you want to do it, you must meet the conditions for issuance. 1. The power supply must be 4.5V (currently 3V), because the minimum requirement for the blue LCD light is 2.9V-3.2V. If a 3V power supply is used, the battery will fail quickly. The battery may need to be replaced after 1-2 hours. 2. The IC needs to be developed from scratch, because the current IC does not have a light switch pin. The light is on when the IC is working and goes off when it is not working. It is estimated that there will be four sets of molds. How much will they cost? (The cost of the molds can only be determined after they are completed.) How much does the figure cost? When making a figure, you need to open the LCD glass piece (I don’t know the molding fee) The cost of electronics has not yet been determined. Blue LED lights require 2 pcs, which is estimated to cost $0.02/2 pcs. There are also reflective panels (the requirements are also high, the electrical appliances have been made, and they are processed from outside. If you make them yourself, it may cost $0.15/pc). The above are estimates.



Kudos from customer HongKong promotional products buyer

Please note that the logo of this promotional product has been approved, please
proceed with production and send us the samples with custom sayings as
soon as you finished the mold, the goods have to be sent to HK not
later than 10th Jan, also we have 2 carton cube keychains will be sent
to you before that.
Thank you very much for your help
Merry Christmas!

shipping promotional products to USA


We ship out one lapel pin cargo today via FedEx to our USA TAXAS client. The cargo weight is 43.5 kgs and the FedEx door-to-door cost is USD 326 only.

This shipping cost is lower than what FedEx quoted on last week.

We always check the best shipping cost of promotional merchandise for our customers,to help you save money and make more profit!


Can you help to ship FBA cargo to AMAZON warehouse?

-Yes,some merchandise customers are also working on their Amazon business. We help to source and pack their cargo,paste the FBA label and arrange the shipment to FBA warehouse.


Can you ship branded merchandise to Norway?

-Yes,sure we can. The current shipping turnaround time (door-to-door) to Norway is 7 days via UPS.


How to choose a reliable supplier like AMJOY

How to choose a reliable supplier in the promotional products industry? As BUYER DAN H from CHILLI PROMOTION said, it would be best if suppliers provide enough details at the initial stage of quotation like AMJOY.

Specifically, our clients want these details, when they are looking for a good supplier and sourcing partner:

With rich experience for many years, he is familiar with the structure and material of the product, and if it has printing, he knows how to match it. For example, if a customer is looking for printing with a reflective effect, the supplier will tell you that the materials and machinery required to achieve this effect are different from ordinary printing.

It is best to have cooperated with famous brands.

Proofing is available, either for a fee or for free. Usually, simple prototypes are free, and more formal samples need to be charged.

For shipping, suppliers have a good understanding of the logistics process and key nodes. Some customers need to provide door-to-door dropshipping service, this supplier can provide such a solution.

For shipping costs, it is best if suppliers can offer competitive prices, which proves that they often ship abroad.

Packaging Details: There are many options available.

Sourcing partner Amjoy can help you. Amjoy has its own factory!

Contact us today and our team will be your long-term partner for sourcing in CHINA.


Another case study is one promotional keychain order for our UK client.

When this order production was finished, we wrote one email:

Dear BPMA client:

505pcs of Surfboard PVC keychain cargo has been sent out,

FedEx tracking NO.784289436688

You can get the cargo around Oct.5 due to RUSH days waiting

for flights on our coming National Day Holiday.


Let me know if any questions. Stay safe and stay healthy!


The vast majority of people are not easily aware of the boundaries of their abilities. This is related to introspection, which is also a part of talent. Everyone has talent, but there are significant differences in talent. Sometimes the talent circle at certain heights is relatively small, and running out of this circle can cause trouble.



sport-themed marketing campaign -use magic folding cube

Magic Cube is a good promo item to run a sport-themed marketing campaign.

It has 9 panels for printing. One panel for the map of the running circle.  You can ask the Fiverr gigs to draw a cartoon version.

There are still 8 panels on this promotional product.

Some helpful information like this may be printed and impressed by the promotional merchandise receivers. For example:


When you reach the finish line, don’t stop immediately. Walk slowly for a while and then stretch to relax.


Remember, it is recommended to stretch properly enough to relax tense muscles after running.


Do not massage immediately after running. Massage should be done two hours after exercise or before bed.


After the race, be sure to wait for the sweat on the surface of the body to dry naturally and the heart rate is normal before taking a hot bath. Cold bath is not recommended. Don’t shower right after exercise.


It is also necessary to adjust and relax training in the week after the race. It is recommended to take rest and light exercise in this week. Don’t run too much or too fast, do more stretching and gradually relax.