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Traditional box has an obvious cost defect, that is to occupy a large space, high storage and transportation costs.

From the point of view of the design of a high-quality folding paper box, because cardboard can not be folded, it is not easy to fold, so if you want to design a high-quality cardboard box into a folding box structure, it is necessary to grasp a basic principle, that is, the part that needs to be folded is similar to the slot of the leather shell. Boutique type folding carton box structure design is derived from the high-quality goods in the carton box of books, the box-type structure changes mainly in the leather case and leather case closed way to make some changes, such as some leather case consists of three pieces of cardboard and some leather case is composed of four pieces of cardboard and some leather case is composed of five pieces of cardboard and some leather case consists of seven pieces of cardboard, Some make various shapes on the leather shell, some leather shell butt up and down and irregular shape, some inside and outside by two leather shell, some inside and outside by three leather shell; The closure of the shell is mainly by magnets, and some of the closure of the shell is achieved by tying ribbons.

Small and stable space after folding, easy to transport and not easy to be damaged, suitable for small and medium-sized product packaging, low transportation cost.


How to produce folding gift box


The following points need to be paid attention to in the process of planning and manufacturing of high-quality folding cartons:

(1) process planning to consider the quality of folding carton forming effect, it should be the leather case the size of the slot, if the customer needs the leather case, in turn, walked with the bottom of the box to display products, if the customer has this demand, leather case slot width and the position of the magnet or iron need to adjust, so that is conducive to the realization of the function.

(2) Only a few parts of the bucket inner box of the boutique folding paper box or the side similar to the leather shell are bonded with glue. The other parts need to be pre-pasted with double-sided adhesive and then bonded after the customer packages the goods.

(3) The connection part between the bucket inner box of the high-quality folding paper box and the leather shell is generally made of cardboard or gray-white paper, similar to the side of the leather shell. In the parts that need to be overlapped, that is, the parts of four small triangles (there are two small triangles that need to be pre-pasted with a double-sided adhesive), the printing paper is generally wrapped with about 300g/m2 gray white paper. In this way, the high-quality folding carton is more beautiful after molding.

(4) the products within the bucket type folding carton box and the side with the leather case bond when the position accuracy, bond when the need to design, develop some tooling or jig, cohere with quick-drying glue at the same time, if you use the glue water or yellow glue bond box bucket or side after the brush glue need to air dry, the glue is dry, but not completely when (the strongest glue stick force) at this time, With the help of a mold, so that it does not cause dislocation

Quality control of boutique folding gift boxes is almost the same as another boutique carton.

The following items need to be carefully checked or tested.

(1) The effect of high-quality folding carton folding molding needs to be inspected or tested.

(2) pay special attention to controlling the moisture content of the double gray cardboard, usually control within 12%, because paper general leather case surface and inside lining paper are coated, if water is too high, plus the foreskin shell also contains some moisture in the glue, the inside of the bag after good leather case moisture volatilizes not to come out, easy to cause the carton deformation, affect beautiful.

(3) Pay attention to prevent scratching on the box surface. In the production stage of the boutique folding carton, there are more stations, leading to a higher probability of scratching on the box surface. The station that can lay the tablecloth must lay the tablecloth.

(4) Boutique folding carton needs to bond more parts, pay attention to timely erase the plastic water stains on the surface of the box.


This gift folding box will be packed as-

30 pieces per carton

Gross weight: 14.7 kgs

Carton size: 41.5*37*31 cm