How to choose a reliable supplier like AMJOY

How to choose a reliable supplier in the promotional products industry? As BUYER DAN H from CHILLI PROMOTION said, it would be best if suppliers provide enough details at the initial stage of quotation like AMJOY.

Specifically, our clients want these details, when they are looking for a good supplier and sourcing partner:

With rich experience for many years, he is familiar with the structure and material of the product, and if it has printing, he knows how to match it. For example, if a customer is looking for printing with a reflective effect, the supplier will tell you that the materials and machinery required to achieve this effect are different from ordinary printing.

It is best to have cooperated with famous brands.

Proofing is available, either for a fee or for free. Usually, simple prototypes are free, and more formal samples need to be charged.

For shipping, suppliers have a good understanding of the logistics process and key nodes. Some customers need to provide door-to-door dropshipping service, this supplier can provide such a solution.

For shipping costs, it is best if suppliers can offer competitive prices, which proves that they often ship abroad.

Packaging Details: There are many options available.

Sourcing partner Amjoy can help you. Amjoy has its own factory!

Contact us today and our team will be your long-term partner for sourcing in CHINA.


Another case study is one promotional keychain order for our UK client.

When this order production was finished, we wrote one email´╝Ü

Dear BPMA client:

505pcs of Surfboard PVC keychain cargo has been sent out,

FedEx tracking NO.784289436688

You can get the cargo around Oct.5 due to RUSH days waiting

for flights on our coming National Day Holiday.


Let me know if any questions. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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