Buy custom USB cable direct from China factory

This communication is from one of our long term buyers. Thanks for the support and trust our professional service!


We are going to place an order with you for 5k  USB type-c cables as promotional products for our client’s tradeshow.


Can you confirm the weight and dimensions per carton of these as we need to send them on to France once we receive them in the UK.


The client has also asked if they can get the artwork attached either added as a sticker to the polybag or as a card inserted in to the poly bag (for this option the bag would need to be clear both sides).


Can you advise which is the most cost effective option for us and the cost. Also we want these sent out before Chinese New Year so please let me know the latest you would need the artwork for the sticker/card.


We will send you the order and artwork for the customized USB cable today.


Many thanks


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